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We've Had Enough Say Oakland Teachers! OEA Teachers Wildcat In Fight For Public Education
Lakeport nursing home workers form their union with SEIU 2015
‘Fed up’ California workers across industries demand more amid rising cost of living
Starbucks, union at odds over hybrid negotiations
U.S. Union Leaders: We Support the Fight for Democracy in Israel
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Updated On: Oct 07, 2017
It's wildland season. Help us help you!
  • 90% of wildfires in the #UnitedStates are caused by people and can be prevented. 
  • 10% of wildfires are caused by lightning or lava
  • Create a defensible space by clearing brush from your home. 
  • Call911 if you notice an unattended or out-of-control fire. 
  • NEVER leave a campfire or other heat sources unattended. 
  • Choose to prevent wildfires
  • Avoid spilling flammable liquids and store fuel away from appliances. 
  • Follow local ordinances when burning yard waste. 
  • Keep 30-100 feet between your home and fuel sources. ?
  • Never fight a wildfire yourself. Call 9-1-1 #IAFF 

March 29, 2023
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